Bus au dos - Tour du monde - info@busaudos.ch

By satellite phone

Tél : +88 16 22 48 28 93

With that number, you can send us free sms gratuits from the Iridium website

Or call us, but it will be expensive... Expect approx. CHF 5.- per minit (with Swisscom that increased its rates)! Wait for it rings (approx. 30 sec.) and let it ring, we have to unfold the antenna before beeing able to answer. If you get the voice mail, don't let any message and try again a few minits later.

By mail

info@busaudos.ch (if you don't get Outlook as main mail box, copy-paste that address in your usual mail box)

By skype

Our skype login: busaudos


Don't mess, we are on vacations! If you wish to contact us, think about the jetlag (we now are on GMT +8), it's midnight in Japan when it's 5 p.m. in Switzerland.