Bus au dos - Tour du monde - info@busaudos.ch


Why Busaudos (vanpacker)?... Everybody asked us if we did this trip as backpacker, we answered no! ;)
We built this website, without pretention, in order to keep in contact and give news to ours parents, friends, ... and to share our journey with potential interested ones.

Why this world tour? A dream for a long time, our travels in north of Europe have strenghten us in it and time did its job... We always found our vacations too short even if we already left up to one month.

The desire to leave for a such trip came also by seeing people around us delaying things or keeping them for their retreating and arrived at that moment, they don't get the capacity, the strength or the desire to do it anymore...

We then took a world map and listed the countries we wished to visit during our trip. We quickly realised that one year wouldn't be enough at all, we then extended it to two...

Many scénarii have been studied to cross the countries we wished to visit. Car rental was not possible because of its cost. We hesitated for a while in buying/selling a car in the countries themselves but we finally decided to buy our vehicle in our country, to prepare it mostly by ourselves and to ship it in containers on cargos.
It's certainly not the cheapest way but the one that corresponds the most to our wishes. It allows us to be in our own "home", to get all our stuff with us (and Benjamin's fishing tackle ;) ) and an equipment known along the whole journey, limiting the overweight baggage taxes in the airports. It's also to us the best solution in order to reach India from Russia during our last step.

We hesitated some time on which kind of vehicle we would buy. We thought buying a 4x4 Toyota ou Land Rover, but the budget beeing stretch, we prefered choosing a minibus 4x4, cheaper, offering more volume and having good crossing capacities. Our choice went on a minibus Mitsubishi L300, 4x4 2.5td, also kicknamed "Delica" (contraction of Delivery Car), that has a chassis based on the Pajero and the same motor. It seems to be well present in many countries we will cross. So not too much problems in finding spare parts.

We had several remarks we often laught about concerning our project:

  • You are so lucky!
  • It's not luck, we are trying to give us the chance to do it... and it implicates also many sacrifices and abandonments, friendships, work, apartment, confort of every day, ... Couldn't you have done the same?

  • You should be rich or lotery winners!
  • Only if! ;) All our savings will disapear, and the budget will be stretch. But we leave to get pleasure and it has no price! We will see on the road to earn a bit of money, working as few as possible, which would make us lose time, but however by profiting of our shippings to sell objects/commodities bought on the road.

  • You still don't get any child!
  • It's not because we don't get any child that it will be of an extreme ease! ;) However, the number of journals show that it's not impossible with children, even if it's different and give others constraints.

  • The residual of the planet is populated with bloodthirsty hoodlums!
  • Indeed there are some risks... but one's shouldn't fall in this kind of reflexions and keep from living for that! We will try to measure as good as we can the risks and to take as few as possible.

  • You are crazy!
  • Who lives without madness is not so wise he thinks! (Larochefoucault) ;)

    There are also people who encourage us, show interest and we thank them. We share with pleasure with them informations that interest them.