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Who are we?

Séverine: Copilot/Replacement pilot crew. Will care about navigation during the trip, good advisings for the road and the remplacement of the pilote in case of necessity.
31 years old, from Lausanne in Switzerland, and a big wish of traveling.
She loves nature and animals (especially when the are cute ;) ). She wants to photography a maximum, as well as nice landscapes, during all the trip.

Benjamin: Pilot/Replacement copilot crew (if still in order! ;) ). Will care about driving as well as the regular services for the bus.
31 years old, from Lausanne also, passionated about fishing, especially fly fishing and also a big wish of traveling.
He wants to satisfy his passion during all the trip, cast his lines in all globe waters (and catch a maximum of fishes!!!!!!!!!! ;) ).