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We already traveled a couple of times, by car in the north of Europe, mainly in Sweden and Norway, in Alaska with a rental RV (in Russia twice for fishing concerning Benjamin), always during vacations but it was everytime too short.

Then, we wanted to take time to discover other places, new horizons, hiking where we want in landscapes -we hope- satisfying our expectations... Our travel around the world will start first of January 2013 and end probably beginning of January 2015.

Here is the itinerary expected before departure:

Afficher projet tour du monde sur une carte plus grande

Red, Our trip with the bus.
Orange, Our flights.
Blue, the transports of the bus by cargo.

Our trip around the world will be oragnised in five terrestrial steps (T) with the bus, completed by island steps (I), during its sea transports:

  • South America (T): from January until end of May 2013
  • Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador.
  • Caribeean (I): from end of May until mid of June 2013
  • Martinica, Dominica, Guadeloupe. Séverine's parents are expected to come to meet us there.
  • North America(T): from mid of June until September 2013
  • Canada from east to west with maybe a part in Alaska if the mind allows us to do it.
  • Océania (I): from October until November 2013
  • French Polynesia and New Caledonia.
  • Oceania (T): from December until January 2014
  • New-Zeland.
  • Oceania (T): from February util mid of May 2014
  • Australia.
  • Asia (I): from mid of May until mid of June 2014
  • Japan.
  • Asia (T):from mid of June until end of 2014
  • Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, India and maybe Sri Lanka.